LE LORRAIN proposes the manual welding, brazing or heating torch best adapted to the needs of each professional (boiler makers, plumbers, steel workers, shipyard welders, miners and car mechanics as well as quarry workers and even dental technicians, etc...). Regardless of the gas used, the flow-rate required and the level of safety imposed, we have exactly the torch you are looking for. The supply connection of our torches generally has a standard French 16x150 right or left-hand thread. When required, we are able to supply torches with a 9/16 right & left-hand, ¼ right & 3/8 left thread or other ... The welding torch lengths described in the catalogue are also simply basic propositions.

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OX/AD Welding torches

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The extensive line of LE LORRAIN welding torches enables the welding of thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 45 mm.

All our welding torches are available with or without built-in flame arrestor non-return valves.
They are equipped with monodard nozzles.

For heating operations ranging from 40 l/h to 4,000 l/h, we recommend the use of multidard oxyacetylene nozzles.


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You are looking for a high-power oxyacetylene heating torch?
Refer to our special-purpose torches section.

Oxyacetylene heating torches

All oxyacetylene welding torches may be fitted with multidards nozzles for heating.

Special-purpose torches

LE LORRAIN offers a complete range of special-purpose torches and is also able to manufacture customised torches to your specifications.

High power oxyacetylene heating torches

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The oxyacetylene torch DH3 is a very high capacity heating torch (4,000, 6,000 or 8,000 UH) with gas mixing inside the nozzle.

The torch may be configured in various ways depending on the intended application requiring a high heating capacity and may, for example, be equipped with a water cooling system.

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Oxyacetylene descaling torches

This torch is specifically designed for descaling work in quarries (granite torches), as well as for surface tempering.

Rack torch

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LE LORRAIN proposes a basic torch which may be adapted to your specific needs. The number of burners and length of the heating manifold depend on the intended use.

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