The LE LORRAIN regulators valves are designed and manufactured with valid European standards standards and have been tested according to these standards in approved European test laboratories. We also design and manufacture relief valves compliant with other international standards.


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Regulator valve DETECCOL 30

Manodétendeur DETECCOL 30
Photo réf. 054 220

This compact device (3 in 1) is designed to be mounted on a 196 bar argon/co2 cylinder. It comprises a regulator which releases residual gas pressure in the cylinder to a calibrated pressure of 3.5 bar, a column (rotameter) graduated from 0 to 30 l/min, which provides a high level of flow rate precision, and a gas economiser which significantly limits surges in gas pressure.

The DETECCOL 30 provides excellent flow rate precision, limits gas pockets and helps save more than 70% of gas on activation

Second expansion ECCOL 30

Photo réf. Détendeur 054 221

This compact device (2 in 1) is designed to be mounted on a pipe with a stable pressure of 3.5 bar. It comprises a column (rotameter) graduated from 0 to 30 l/min, with standard 3/8 gas thread and a gas economiser which significantly limits surges in pressure on activation.

The ECCOL 30 provides excellent flow rate precision, limits gas pockets and helps save more than 70% of gas on activation.

Nitrogen flowmeter regulator valve 120 l/min
(service range 0 to 100 l/min)

Manodétendeur débilitre Azote
Photo réf. Détendeur 094 240

This device in the LB21 range is designed to be mounted on a 196 bar neutral gas cylinder. It is used for carbonation or decarbonation of wine in stainless steel tanks but can also be used to ensure a neutral atmosphere in large dimension pipes.

Pressure reducing valve DDI

MANO-DET-100-200 s
Photo réf. Détendeur 051 200

DDI pressure reducing valves are a new generation product which is compact, very strong and easy to use.

They solve problems with excess pressure linked to using gas welding equipment and provide many advantages:

  • Very easy to use: the recommended pressures for welding or cutting are determined by two green zones - welding and cutting - for the Oxygen Pressure reducing valve and one green zone - welding cutting - for the Acetylene Pressure reducing valve.
  • Operating pressure always right: operating pressures are preset in the regulators so that excess pressure incidents are avoided, providing extra safety for installation and saving gas.
  • High-pressure manometer protected by a shock-resistant polycarbonate shell.
  • Constant pressure: a patented device (INPI = French statistics institute) ensures that this pressure reducing valve supplies constant operating pressure when the cylinder is being used, as far as the balance point between upstream pressure (residual pressure in the cylinder) and downstream pressure (service pressure). This innovative device gives the same result as a two-stage pressure reducing valve.

Shielfed mano relief valves 3S standard EN 585/ISO 2503

Ref 040-200
Photo réf. Détendeur 040 200


The triple protection of our shielded relief valves renders them totally invulnerable:

  • Independent pressure gauge, mono-block, dustproof
  • Oversized, cast brass body, a true shield
  • Honeycomb rubber envelope for protection against impact damage.

Mano relief valves L2C2 standard EN 585/ISO 2503

MANO-DET-100-200 s
Photo réf. Détendeur 100 200

Simple and compact design, the pressure gauges of this relief valve are protected by a flexible rubber envelope.

Mano relief valves LB21 standard EN 585/ISO 2503

MANO-DET-090-200 s
Photo réf. Détendeur 090 200

Each pressure gauge of this relief valve is covered by an individual flexible rubber hood.

Special-purpose industrial gas relief valves

Single tube flowmeter relief valves standard EN 585/ISO 2503

Ref 054-201
Photo réf. Détendeur 054 201

This flowmeter relief valve is set at 3.5 bar with a single tube (rotameter) graded from 0 to 15 or 30 /mn as required. The reading accuracy is ideal for inert gases used for TIG welding. Also available in oxygen version.




Ref 054-202
Photo réf. Détendeur 054 202

This relief valve is used to supply two TIG/MIG stations or provide parallel inerting of pipes to be welded.


High presure relief valves

DET-HP-080-200 s
Photo réf. Détendeur HP 080 200

The high-pressure relief valve is primarily intended for use with nitrogen and enables flushing of refrigeration circuits, pumping of shock absorbers, inerting of large diameter pipes, etc...

High throughput relief valves

DET-GD-070-100 s
Photo réf. Détendeur Gros débit 070 100

Throughput ranging from 20 to 280 Nm3/h depending on the gas used. These relief valves are used to supply several oxyacetylene torches or several welding stations when a neutral gas is used.

Low pressure relief valves

TABLEAU-402-100 s
Photo Réf. Tableau 402 100

Ref 060-260
Photo Réf. Support clapet 060 260


Ref 040-280
Photo Réf. Colonne 040 280

LE LORRAIN low pressure relief valves are extremely versatile and therefore used in a wide variety of applications and installations: pressure relief in pipelines, distribution boards.

Do not hesitate to send us a description of your project (for example: type of gas, number of bottles, number of users connected, etc..) and we will quickly send you a detailed technical proposal.


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