LE LORRAIN proposes two main groups of heating torches : oxyacetylene torches and oxypropane torches. LE LORRAIN also proposes an oxytetrene heating torch.


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Oxyacetylene heating torches

The oxyacetylene torches S0, S1 and S2 may be adapted for heating by fitting multidard heating nozzles..

For torch S0 :
select nozzle ref. 013 202 (400 l/h)

Dessin réf. 013 202


For torch S1 :
select nozzle ref. 014 401 (1000 l/h)

Dessin réf. 014 401


For torch S2 :
choose from three power ratings:
multidard nozzle ref. 015 531 (3000 L/H)
multidard nozzle ref. 015 532 (3500 L/H)
multidard nozzle ref. 015 530 (4000 L/H)

Dessin réf. 015 531


But also:

For high heating capacity oxyacetylene torches, refer to our « “special materials” section »

Oxypropane or OX/LPG heating torches

CHAL-Chauffeur-600-210 s
Photo réf. 600 210

The oxypropane (or OX/LPG) heating torches produce a heating capacity from 120 g/h to 10 kg/h depending on the model.


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