LE LORRAIN expansion valves are designed to meet current European norms. We also design and manufacture expansion valves in accordance with foreign standards. These expansion valves can be equipped with inputs (cylinder side) and outputs (pipe side) suitable for the country of destination.


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Special expansion valves for industrial gases

High pressure expansion valve

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The high-pressure expansion valve is mainly used for nitrogen, to purge cooling installations, inflate shock-absorbers, inert large-diameter pipes, etc...

KitClim: special cooling

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  • 1 nitrogen expansion valve for 200 bar cylinder, low pressure gauge graduation from 0 to 60 bar
  • 1 27/flat hexagonal service wrench (for installing the valve on the cylinder)
  • 1 55 bar female/female connecting hose with isolation valve
  • 1 storage box

Les établissements HAMPIAUX sont certifiés ISO 9001.

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